About us

Globalong in short

GlobAlong prides itself on:


- More than 30 destinations

- 300 programs around the world

- An Extensive experience in organizing humanitarian and language programmes

- A major network

- A philosophy, which aims to promote international cultural exchange and learning foreign languages

- Learn languages and discover new cultures

Extending the learning of 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian)

Eco-volunteer and humanitarian programs in different field areas

- team entirely at your disposal

Reasonable prices; we try to minimize the administrative costs to offer you the best rates

- Totally independent of any religion, political party or economic organization

- Volunteering programs, work placements and language courses entirely customisable

- Participants aged from 16 to 99


"Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve." M.L. King


Travel for a life changing experience!


Presentation - Who are we?

Our European team, based in Montpellier (France), and our international partners are at your service for any information and ready to support you before, during and after your programme.

Sophie – Manager
Sophie Globalong
I have a university degree from Nice-Sophia-Antipolis University, I’m passionate about travels and have a vast experience abroad. I have joined a lot of volunteering programs across the world before deciding to create Globalong to allow anyone to travel abroad, help the most needy populations or learn a new language for a life-changing experience!
David – Project manager
David au travail à Globalong
After a vast experience of entrepreneurship, I joined Globalong’s team where I can share my experience as a traveller with all new participants and develop new programmes and partnerships across the world.
Christophe – Legal Adviser
Christophe Globalong
Specialist in international rights, I give advise and assist during the creation of new programmes abroad.
Morgan – Web Developer
Morgan - Globalong
17 year’s experience in the web development and 8 years in entrepreneurship in the IT field, during all these years I managed to achieve a multitude of skills: a passion attracting my curiosity for all these new technologies.
Marie - Project manager and instructor


GlobAlong embodies values that are important to us.

The first priority is the safety of our participants. This is the key to a successful stay. You can set off with the confidence of knowing that local and European teams are there to help you when needed. 

We are a team of professionals who offer a personalized service for each participant. Each of you is unique.

We continually strive to improve our services, remaining in constant contact with the participants and our partners.

We respect the commitment of volunteers who take part in our missions, because it is thanks to them that all these projects continue to exist. It is through their support and their assistance on the ground that many people live better lives.

We believe that a volunteer programme is a unique experience which has a big impact on the populations in need and, consequently, needs to be accessible to anyone.


GlobAlong organizes humanitarian programmes to help the poorest people in developing countries.

To maximise the impact of our actions, and to contribute in a specific way, we make annual financial or personal donations to a local humanitarian organization according to their current needs.

Thus, a portion of your contributions is paid directly to an organization that needs it (orphanages, schools or hostels...) and supplies essential items (furniture, clothes, mattresses and shoes...).

Why pay to volunteer?

Why pay to volunteer ?

Our partners receive volunteers because they do not have the resources to hire staff. They receive very little or no government aid, and it is thanks to the help of volunteers that new projects are regularly created.

Unfortunately our host institutions cannot afford to offer you the food and shelter for free, but they greatly need your help. That's why we ask volunteers to fund their own stay. It is through their participation that these local organizations can continue to exist.

Included in our rates (which may vary according to the destination) :

  • - Accommodation
  • - Meals
  • - Water
  • - Electricity
  • - SIM card
  • - Laundry
  • - Internet
  • - Pick-up from the Airport
  • - Transport from the airport
  • - Introduction Days
  • - Administration and operation of the local project
  • - Donations to the Projects
  • - Implementation of new projects and the monitoring of existing projects
  • - Individualisation and monitoring of your personal dossier
  • - Development and constant improvement of our pre departure guides
  • - Your personnal blog
  • - Help and assistance 7/7
  • - Help to obtain a visa (if needed)
  • - Transport from the accommodation to the project site
  • - Certificate at the end of your stay
  • - Possibility to transform the program into an internship
  • - Security equipment (mandatory for some projects)
  • - Transport back to the airport

Where does your money go?

Where does my money go ? Volunteer Globalong

On-site costs in the host country

This part covers the accommodation, meals, daily transport (if included), pick-up at the airport, transfer from the airport to the accommodation, introduction period, language courses and introduction to the local culture, preparation for the volunteer program, potential work permit, and any other fees depending on the destination and the programmes. Globalong does not interfere in the financial management of our partners. It is their role to deal with the amount of money donated and to decide the redistribution on site. The partners we collaborate with are legally constituted in their countries and have a full autonomy of management.


Communication and guidance


Our European team informs and give advices to the participants before the departure and help them finding the destination and the programme fitting their needs. We treat every request individually and are available to answer any questions to prepare all participants for their programs or internships. The fees cover salaries, charges, employer and employee contributions that are due in France according to French law.


Donations, project creation and monitoring


A part of the participation fees is donated, either for your project, or any other project in need. It can be school supplies, clothes, hygiene products, financial donations etc.


We are constantly seeking new destinations and new projects in order to have programmes for anyone, in various fields. We permanently follow all the programmes established to improve the projects and, if necessary, make adjustments. To guarantee appropriate internships and to meet your expectations, Globalong keeps a sustainable relationship with our partners. On one hand, we travel abroad every year to meet our partners, follow the evolution of the projects, evaluate the local impacts and sometimes deal with issues with the participants on site. On the other hand, from France, we are constantly keeping in touch with our partners (mail, phone etc.) to guarantee the project monitoring its evolution, coordinate the participants’ arrivals and adjust all the logistical questions.


Administration and operated costs


We offer many programmes in different countries, and each participant can choose when the programmes starts or ends, how long it lasts and the project’s field. This personalized follow-up requires a professional administration and management in France and in each destination. Before you leave, you will be in touch with our French team so you can organize at best your project. We will answer your questions and reply to your specific needs. The preparation and the management of your project/internship requires time and skills. Bank fees linked with money transfer to the host country are included in this part too.


On-site support

Once on site, you will be monitored by relevant professionals who are used to hosting and accompanying foreigners. They will pay attention to you and take care of your needs individually. They are available 7/7 and are the only ones able to change or improve the programme if necessary. They will be able to help if a problem appears. Our european office is always there for your if needed. 

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