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You could also get familiar with Amerindians languages such as Shuar or Kichwa.


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Local time in Quito:




Learning spanish in Ecuador

Quito :

Séjours linguistiques en Equateur Globalong

Quito is situated in the Andes at an altitude of 2850 metres and is the capital of Ecuador. It is the highest capital city in the world after La Paz in Bolivia. The city has 1.7 million inhabitants. Its colonial neighbourhood was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO.

You will be surprised by the contrast between the narrow streets of the old town and the modern city centre. Quito is a city, which has all the attributes of a modern metropolis.

The Pichincha volcano dominates the city and it can be seen from many of the street corners. In your free time you can also appreciate the Cotopaxi- Antisana and Chimborazo volcanoes with their snow capped peaks rising to a height of 6000 metres.

Lunch time in Ecuador with GlobalongActivities and outings in Ecuador :

At the school you can take dance classes and learn the local cuisine. At the Metropolitan Park, located near the school, you can play volleyball, football and basketball. In addition to lessons, the school organizes excursions to historical monuments, museums, the old town and the presidential palace.

The school works with the largest Ecuadorian travel agency and you can book rafting excursions, trekking in the Andes, walks in the Amazon jungle or a cruise to the Galapagos Islands. Students enrolled in the school receive preferential rates.

The language stay in Ecuador !

Séjours linguistiques en Equateur avec Globalong

The Spanish school in Quito :

Some international magazines consider it the best Ecuadorian language school and one of the ten best Spanish language schools worldwide. With its colonial architecture, the school is located in the residential area of "La Carolina", where there are many restaurants, cafés, shopping centres etc.

There are 21 classrooms, a language lab, a library, a video library, an auditorium, a solarium, a gym, and Internet access costing $ 0.50 for 30 minutes. The school also has a cafeteria where students can have lunch.

Marché Equateur globalong

This School is recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and collaborates with the largest university in the country: "Universidad Central".

The Spanish courses in Ecuador :

The school offers intensive Spanish courses at all levels and in small groups of 4 students maximum. Each week, your level will be assessed and the courses will be tailored to ensure your progress. At the end of your stay, you will get a certificate that will reflect your oral and written level, as well as the number of lessons you have completed.

Shuar Kitchen with Globalong in EcuadoeThe courses focus on oral and active teaching, grammar and writing are also part of the teaching and you will have homework to do at home every day. The school makes a point that students should become aware of the ways and customs of the country.

The first days in Quito :

Courses start every Monday and you will be greeted at the airport the day before (Sunday). The first day you will receive information about the school, Quito and the country. After an assessment test followed by a discussion with a counsellor, you will join a class of your level and begin the course. Classes are held in a relaxed atmosphere, often outdoors.

Useful information to your language stay in Ecuador

Equipe de l'école en Equateur - Globalong

Accommodation in Quito :

Students stay in single rooms with an Ecuadorian host family. This is the best way to get the most out of your course in Ecuador. Host families are generally what would be deemed “ middle class" and have been working with the school for many years. These families are used to receiving foreign students and the rule is that everyone speaks Spanish at home. Breakfast and dinner are taken with the host family, and you have access to a washing machine. These families generally live near the school.

Included in Ecuador's programme :

Initial membership fee (200 €) enrolment as a member of the GlobAlong Association is valid for a period of 9 years (renewable).

Accommodation :

  • Ecole en Equateur - GlobalongLaundry 

Program, follow-up and customization :

  • Pick-up at the airport
  • Help and guidance from our team in Europe before your programme starts
  • Transfer to the accommodation
  • Accommodation with a host family
  • Oral and written language test on the first day
  • Half board for the duration of your stay
  • Introduction and briefing
  • Customization of your programme
  • Activities programme
  • Outings
  • Access to the school’s infrastructures
  • Spanish classes
  • Books and help with homeworks
  • Access to the school facilities
  • Activities programme
  • Outings
  • Language course in Ecuador - GlobalongLevel test every week to see your improvement
  • 7/7 support from the local coordinator
  • Support from the Globalong team during your entire stay
  • Personal blog on our network
  • Advise on how to get a visa (if needed)
  • Country guide
  • Traveller’s guide
  • Donation for a project
  • Certificate of attendance confirming your language level
  • Organization fees

Not included in Ecuador's programme :

  • Extra outings
  • Have a good time in Ecuador with GlobalongPersonal expenses
  • Transfer back to the airport at the end of your stay
  • Flights to and from Ecuador
  • Travel and cancellation insurance (mandatory)
  • Vaccinations (click here for more information)
  • Visa fees
  • Wifi

Climate in Ecuador :

Quito Climate GlobalongQuito Rainfall Globalong

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@globalong.com
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