Shuar Community

Ecovolunteer in Ecuador and join the Shuar Community !

As a volunteer, you can join our programme in the Shuar indigenous community. They need support, because even though they are very happy witht the little they have, the children do not have access to proper education or modern facilities.

Carte Shuar

During this programme, you could teach, help in the ecological garden, teach and inform on environmental protection, help prepare meals or help finding and preparing medical plants from the jungle.

The community is located 250 kilometres from Quito (5-6 hours bus drive), by the Pastaza river at 875 metres above sea level. The temperature is generally between 20 and 25°c, and the rainy season is from December to April.

You will volunteer from 7.30am to 5.30pm for minimum 2 weeks, and the programme is open all year. 

Sample tasks:

  • Enfants école ShuarTeach English
  • Organize hikes
  • Help the families prepare the meals with ingredients from the jungle or the garden (some dishes need to cook for 12 hours!)
  • Teach environmental protection 
  • Help in the vegetable garden, the sugar cane plant, the banana plant or the yuca plant
  • Help find and collect medical plants from the jungle 
  • Help wash the plants by the river
  • Take part in religious ceremonies (depending on the lunar calendar) 
  • Organize field trips and hikes witht the families

Housing conditions:Maison Shuar

  • Shared rooms (2-5 per room)
  • Electricity
  • Shower and toilets
  • No hot water
  • No running water
  • Dinner room
  • Kitchen
  • Green environment 

Example of daily schedule:Cuisine Shuar

7 am - Breakfast

7.30 to 1pm - teach English at the school

1.30 pm - lunch 

2 to 5.30 pm - help prepare the meals, make jewels, collect medical plants, teach lessons to the families.... 

5 to 7 pm - free time 

7 pm - dinner

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