Ecological programme in Ecuadorian reserve

Ecovolunteer programme in Ecuador !

This forest is two and a half hours north of Quito. It is home to over 450 different species of birds and a unique fauna and flora. Inside the forest is a reserve which is one of the most extensive green areas in the world; the "El Choco".

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As a volunteer, you will participate in the daily lives of people in the local community.

The first week, you will lend a hand at the coffee plantation.

The second week you will work in a school teaching children. You can also organize extra-curricular activities, sports or games.

The third week, you will go into the jungle in an area where you will help the local people to repair the banks, which are used for agriculture, to ensure their basic needs.

The fourth week you can choose from the three projects you have experienced.

Ecuador ecovolunteer programme GlobalongYou can also teach children and the members of your host family. At the weekend you will be free to travel, but you can also help the community by working in the fields, doing small maintenance jobs in the houses or look after the children.

Not far from the placement you will find a multitude of activities such as canyoning, rafting, horseback riding, hiking or snorkelling! You can also visit Nanegalito, a nearby town, or take a 3-hour drive to the coast to the beach Atacmes. Often volunteers also go to Quito on weekends.

You will stay with a local host family. The houses are pretty basic, because families do not have many resources. In exceptional cases, you will have to share a room with a family member. You will have three meals a day.

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