Eco-volunteer in Amazonia

Live in immersion with the Anangu Kichwa community !

Amazonia has a unique biodiversity with 107 reptile species, 610 bird species and more than 4000 plant species. In other terms, it has the biggest ecosystem in the world!

amazonie eco-volunteer programmeThe aim of this programme is to experience the culture of the Anangu Kichwa community, living in Yasuní’s national park and help in the every day life as a volunteer.

This programme includes a shared accommodation in a lodge in the heart of Amazonia. The lodge has electricity and has one private bathroom with warm water and a balcony.

As an eco-volunteer in Amazonia, you will get involved in different tasks:

  • Teach English to the children of the Anangu Kichwa community
  • Participate in agriculture (permaculture, compost)
  • Fish breeding
  • Ecology
  • Involve in the social development of the community
  • Cook
  • Raise awareness among the environment
  • Forest interpretation

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