Community project in the rain forest

Sustainable volunteering in the rainy forest in Ecuador !

This project takes place in the western part of the chain of the Andes. Inside the reserve you will find over 280 different species of birds and over 40 species of mammals.

Ecuadorian lunch  - Globalong

The programme's goal is to preserve the amazing biodiversity of the forest through various activities such as the monitoring of human activity and educate the population in terms of ecology and environment. The nature reserve is also fighting to become a model for sustainable development, in order to show that agriculture can contribute to the conservation of forests, while generating income and resources for residents. Volunteers work in three areas; conservation, sustainable development and social development. One of the strengths of this project is the division between volunteers who live together, regardless of their placement.

Eco-volunteering in Ecuador - GlobalongConservation:

Volunteers can participate in one or more of these tasks:

  • Growing plants in the nursery
  • Collecting and plant seeds
  • Maintaining the nursery
  • Replantingcollating information and creating graphics to assess the survival and growth of trees
  • Recording information on birds and mammals
  • Planting crops to feed the wildlife naturally
  • Analysing and recording information about the flora and fauna
  • Weather Analysis
  • Working in the medicinal plant garden

Volcano in Ecuador -  GlobalongSustainable development:

Volunteers can participate in one or more of these tasks:

  • Taking care of the organic vegetable garden, preparing the soil, planting seeds, weeding and harvesting
  • Producing fertilizers and natural pesticides
  • Activities related to organic farming: cleaning, weeding, fertilizing, harvesting bananas, coffee and sugar cane
  • Activities related to animal agriculture: feeding animals, planting and harvesting the plants to feed the animals, building fences, milking cows and goats and taking the milk to town
  • Producing food: cheese, butter, yogurt, chocolate, coffee, pasta, bread, pizza, dried fruits and vinegar
  • Reforestation program: collecting seeds, working in the nurseries, maintaining the paths and trails, caring for trees and replantingworking in the medicinal plant garden
  • Working on the alternative energy project

Volunteering in Ecuador in GlobalongSocial development:

Volunteers work in a small village near their homes. 50 families live there, and you will find a small school, a medical centre, two carpenters, a small shop and a factory making traditional sweets.

You can:

  • Teach kindergarten
  • Teach in the primary school (closed from February to mid-April)
  • Work in the local clinic along side the nurses (this option is for volunteers with medical experience or first aid)

The volunteers undertake approximately 7 hours work per day, Monday to Friday. You will be free at the weekend.

Railway in Ecuador with GlobalongThe first and third Friday of each month you will go on a hike with a guide, and you will leave on the second and fourth Friday to spend long weekends travelling or exploring Quito. There are many activities in the nature reserve in the evenings volunteers often gather around a campfire near their home, play board games, cards or organize football tournaments. At the weekend you can also take part in excursions, hiking, horseback riding, rafting or walks at night to observe the animals that only come out at night. During your time as a volunteer, you will stay in a house reserved for volunteers, with a nice view of the forest. You will share a room with 1-4 other volunteers. You will have three typically Ecuadorian meals a day.


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