Eco volunteering with the indigenous community

Join a social eco-volunteer programme in Bolivia !

The purpose of this project is to help the indigenous people improve their quality of life by helping them to find sources of income through sustainable development and use of natural resources and tourism while keeping their identity and culture whilst respecting nature.

Ecovolunteering in Bolivia - Globalong

The 230 Tacana Indian living in this national park have, with the help of local NGOs, built an eco-lodge 15 minutes from the village. The accommodation comprises 7 huts, which are located in the forest. All have electricity at night, separate toilets, a shower, and a small terrace. There is also a small restaurant and a traditional house in which there is a small bar and an exhibition about the life and history of the Tacanas. The house also serves as a shop, which sells handicrafts.

You will have an amazing insight into the daily life of the natives.

Ecovolunteering in Bolivia - Globalong

You must be prepared to adapt to this very basic lifestyle and all former volunteers agree that being ready for anything is the key to the success of this mission.

The Tacanas are quite shy and it will take some time before you gain their trust. It will take a little patience and independence to be involved in their daily life, please do not just remain a spectator!

The tasks are varied and depend on the needs of the moment, but you can, for example:

  • Teach English to adults and children to help them to communicate with visitors
  • Help harvest the sugar cane and extract the juice
  • Fish
  • Hunt
  • Plant and harvest in the fields
  • Bolivia Globalong humanitarianCook (a great way to get to know Bolivian cuisine)
  • Child care

Some days you're going to be so busy that you will not see the time passing, other days will be much quieter and you can enjoy family life.

If you have special skills, please tell the village administrator, so he can find tasks that suits you.

The community has created an eco-lodge, where you can be a guide, a translator and help with administrative procedures.

ecovolunteering Globalong

You can also help the teacher at the local school teaching reading, writing, maths and foreign languages.

The project is located in a national park, Rurrenabaque, which is about 18 hours away by bus or an hour's flight from La Paz. Once you arrive in Rurrenabaque you take a small boat for about 50 minutes up the river Beni and Tuichi.

This programme offers a unique experience in the jungle. You will be very far from the city and the excitement it involves. This is why it is very important to love nature, animals and vegetation.

Bolivian landscape eco-volunteering

During your mission, you will see a multitude of animal species, such as crocodiles, monkeys, pink river dolphins, sloths, as well as insects, birds and reptiles.

Accomodation in Bolivia:

Your accommodation will depend on availability and the number of visitors arriving in the village. You will either stay overnight:

  • In tourist accommodation
  • In a dormitory for 8 people with a shared bathroom and toilet
  • Eco-Volunteering Globalong Bolivia With a local host family. The houses are very basic, they often have only one room. You will share the accommodation with the family. It is not possible to have a single room. Cooking is done over a wood fire, there is no hot water. Most of the time there is no electricity and therefore no television, internet or telephone.

Living in such basic conditions is an incredible experience, and former members often say it makes you realise what is important in life!

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