After school volunteer project in Bolivia

Humanitarian social volunteer programme in Boliva !

This after-school centre hosts children and teens living from the disadvantaged suburbs of Sucre.

Volunteer in Bolivia - Globalong

Besides helping with work, you can offer activities and information such as:

  • Vocational counseling
  • Recreational activities
  • Trainingbasic health care
  • Nutritional advice

The children are from families of farmers who have left the countryside to come to the city. They have very little income and daily life is difficult.

Children are aged 4 from to 15 years old and there are about 150 who come to the centre every day - about 40 in the morning and between 90 and 110 in the afternoon and evening.

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The main task of the volunteers is teaching. Each volunteer will be assigned a group of young people whom he will teach and support.

Depending on your skills and the age of the children, you can teach among other things maths, languages, science, reading and art.

As a humanitarian volunteer, you must be able to encourage respect and succeed in imposing discipline in the classroom. You will organise fun activities and spend quality time with the children.

In fact, to help children to integrate into society and study or learn a trade, the centre requires discipline.

After school in Bolivia with Globalong

This means for example that children do not have the right to leave the classroom in the middle of an activity without completing their homework or their project.

Between classes you will oversee the breaks and help to organize extracurricular activities such as sports or arts. Children love to join in new activities and any fresh ideas are welcome. Bear in mind that resources are limited!

The centre is located 30 minutes from the language school.

Be aware that this programme is not available in December and January for three weeks in June.

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