Centre for underprivileged children and youth

Help and assistance to young children in Bolivia !

This project was created to help children and teens who have lived or worked in the streets of Sucre. 

Volunteer in Bolivia - Globalong

There are two shelters - one for boys and one for girls. 120 children and teens aged 6 to 17 years currently live here. For different reasons, they were forced or chose to face the dangers of living or working on the streets. With the help of the centre, they can hope for a better future. All children attend school in the centre - workshops have also been created to complete their training and education. Children receive three meals a day, all school supplies and a comfortable place to sleep. As a volunteer, you will work with the centre staff to take care of children. Tasks will be varied and will depend on the age of the children you are working with.. You can participate in the following activities, but you must also be willing to help with tasks as they arise during your placement:
  • Helping with homework
  • Organizing gamesMission d'aide aux enfants démunis en Bolivie
  • Organizing sports events
  • Playing with younger children
  • Teaching Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Reading and Writing

Most children have had a very difficult past, and for some it takes a while before they trust you. Try to understand their stories without rushing things.

The centres are about 10 minutes walk from the language school.


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