Physically and/or mentally disabled children

Volunteer to help children affected by physical or mental disability in Bolivia !

This centre houses and cares for children suffering from physical or mental disabilities. The majority of the children come from disadvantaged families who either do not accept their disabilities or do not have the means or the knowledge to give them the care they need. 

Volunteer in Bolivia - Globalong

These families often live in the countryside, where there is no structure to look after people with disabilities. That's why they send them to live in the unit in Sucre. There are very few other centres with the means to meet the special needs of these children, and the demand is growing. The centre currently houses about 400 children from 0 to 17 years. According to former participants, sharing the daily lives with these children is the highlight of this mission. As a volunteer, you can engage in different tasks:
  • Help with meals, some children can not feed themselves
  • Help during bathing and dressing children
  • Organizing walks and outdoor activities
  • Helping with the equestrian therapy courses
  • Helping caregivers during rehabilitation sessions
  • Working on the premises and in the gardenVolunteer in Bolivia - Globalong
  • Helping in the laundry
  • Organizing activities and stimulating children without motor disabilities but who are mentally disabled
  • Arrange fun educational activities
Some children only suffer from physical disabilities, and are eager to learn and need to occupy their minds. You can organize games and fun activities for them. No medical experience is required to participate in this project - for all activities which would be seen as medical procedures, such as rehabilitation, you will be accompanied and trained by a member of the skilled nursing staff. However, if you have training or experience in the medical field, you can work with children with mental disabilities, such as schizophrenia or manic children.
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