Nursery schools in Bolivia

School for small children in Bolivia !

You can volunteer at one of the four nursery schools that receive volunteers and who are badly in need of personnel and resources.

Volunteer in Bolivia - GlobalongMany of the children who come to these schools have already have a difficult past, despite their young age. Some come from extremely poor neighbourhoods of Sucre, others have disabilities, and others have been abandoned by their parents who have gone abroad in search of work or are on their own because their mothers are in prison. Most children are aged 4 to 6 years. As a volunteer, your days will be busy and varied. Sample tasks:

  • Help teachers in the classroom
  • Give tuition in Maths, Foreign languages, reading, writing
  • Organize singing and dancing lessons
  • Develop creative workshops and gamesMission avec les enfants dans une nurserie en Bolivie avec Globalong
  • Organize sports events

If you work with children with disabilities, you will help to develop teaching materials adapted to their needs.

The Nursery Schools are all about a 25 minute walk from the language school.



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