Volunteer programme in orphanages in Bolivia

Humanitarian project with children in South America !

As in many large cities in Bolivia, Sucre is home to many children who have been abandoned by their parents because of lack of money.

Volunteer in Bolivia - Globalong

In some cases they have been removed from their parents for various reasons such alcoholism, abuse or neglect.

The children are safe at the orphanage, but due to lack of resources, the help of volunteers is crucial. You can offer a little of your time to help these children who need to be supported and to feel loved. The orphanage welcomes approximately 65 children from infants to age 6 years.

The orphanage is a second family for these children. Besides accommodation and meals, children receive clothing, learn the rules of hygiene and the older ones have lessons. The orphanage also covers medical expenses. At the age of six, some of the children are adopted by Bolivian families, but most are moved on to other residential centres.

As a volunteer, you will engage with two different groups.

The young children; from 0 to 2 years:

Volunteer in Bolivia - Globalong

You will take part in the daily tasks:
  • Feeding
  • changing nappies
  • dressing them
  • helping to put them to sleep
  • teaching them to crawl and then walk
  • stimulating them through music, singing and games.

The Older Children 3 to 5 years:

The older ones have a more fixed daily routine. You can take them to kindergarten, help during lunchtime, play with them, provide extra-curricular activities or help them get ready in the morning.

During the day, most older orphans go to school. Meanwhile, you could help the staff with the daily tasks, take care of the younger children or help teachers during class. 

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