Humanitarian project in a psychiatric hospital

Volunteer project in a psychiatric hospital of Bolivia !

You can work in Bolivia's only psychiatric hospital, which houses about 350 patients, mainly adults. You will join a team of doctors and nursing staff as well as permanent Bolivian volunteers, who work in the hospital during their university studies in this area.

Volunteer in Bolivia - Globalong

Patients need a lot of stimulation and attention and help in everyday life. Because there is only one psychiatric hospital in Bolivia, patients' families often live far away, and rarely come to visit them.

You will help the medical staff with occupational therapy and physiotherapy. You will also participate in activities that are designed to ensure that patients are stimulated and motivated every day. Games, teaching and conversation are among the most important activities.

There is also a garden and a vegetable garden where you can spend time with the patients.

Part of the hospital is reserved for the elderly. These patients need a lot of attention and help, because most of them cannot move or feed themselves.

You can help with meals, physical exercises or simply pushing them in their wheelchairs in the garden and chatting to them.

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