Parc and activities for children and young people

Social volunteer programme with children in Ecuador !

The centre is located in one of the largest parks in the city of Quito. It was established by the Catholic church who began by serving meals to disadvantaged children and adults, provided they converted to Catholicism. The Ecuadorian government then intervened, and now the centre continues to give help but does not force people to convert. 


Today, children receive information about different religions, so that they can choose freely. Every morning, the centre welcomes about 50 children aged from 5 to 12 years. T

heir parents work, and the institution is a safe place for these children who would otherwise remain at home alone.

They have lunch and receive clothing because families often have very few resources. In some cases, these families cannot care for their children, and the centre helps find host families to ensure their future. In the afternoon, about 15 young people aged from 13 to 25 come to find help in in finding a job, housing or administrative tasks. These young people, some of whom live on the street, face challenges such as drugs or gangs. Former street children who now have a stable situation help to organize educational workshops to prevent others falling victim to the dangers of the street.

Lanscapes in Ecuador travel with Globalong for a social project and be volunteerYou can work in the mornings with the children or in in the afternoon or both if you wish. The programme is open from Monday to Friday, and you are free to explore the area or participate in weekend excursions.

Sample tasks:

  • Prepare and serve lunches
  • Organize fun and games and educational activities
  • Practice sports with children
  • If you wish, you can arrange classes to teach English, maths or other subjects
  • Help with homeworkVolcano in Ecuador Globalong volunteering
  • Teach computers
  • In the afternoon the young people learn about contraception and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases

During the day, most older orphans go to school. Meanwhile, you could help the staff with the daily tasks, take care of the younger children or help teachers during class. 

This project accepts volunteers for minimum 3 weeks and is located at 5 minutes walk from the language school. 

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