Nursery and primary school in Quito

Education and activities in a nursery and primary school in Ecuador !

The goal of this programme is to take care of children and give them basic education while their parents are working. They follow basic education based on modern techniques that include valuing education in a loving environment, encouraging respect and discipline and pursuing excellence.

This programme has two centres :Nursery and primary school in Quito

One that takes care of children aged 3 months to 3 years

Ans one that takes care of children aged 4 – 5 years

The centres are locates 45 minutes from the language school and volunteers work from 8am to 6pm with a break. The programme is open all year.

You will assist teaching during the activities.

Sample tasks :

  • Wait for the morning arrival of children
  • Help organize music and singing
  • Give baths and accompagny to the bathroom
  • Help in a nursery and a primary school in Ecuador-GlobalongOrganize games
  • Help at lunchtime
  • Teach arts
  • Create fun and educational activities
  • Accompagny children to the park for walks and games
  • Organize parties and other special events
  • Help the teachers 


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