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Releasing wild animals in Ecuador !

Globalong offers this opportunity to all those who are engaged in animal studies ! You can enhance your CV or have an initial experience joining the team of one of the best zoos in Ecuador, in Banos, about 4 hours from Quito.

Faune en Equateur - Globalong

If you are simply passionate about animals, without wanting to choose this as a career, this programme is also is for you.
During the placement, you will gain experience observing the wildlife and you can also work in the various sectors of the zoo:
  • Sanitation and hygiene - you can watch and participate in the cleaning and upkeep of the animals living quarters
  • Food - preparing and distributing food to the animals according to their specific needs, this is a great opportunity to learn the behaviour and needs of each species
  • Veterinary care - for the prevention of and treatment of diseasesHumanitarian mission in Ecuador with Globalong
  • Environmental Management – take part in information campaigns, and management of animals in captivity
  • Tours - some volunteers provide information to visitors

It is the ideal choice for any animal lover. The property houses a wide variety of animal species, found in mountain regions in Ecuador, you will find amongst others: 60 different bird species,big cats,reptiles,fishand amphibians.

The aim of the zoo is to ensure the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of species and release them into the wild as soon as possible.

cooking time in Otavalo Ecuador -Globalong

Sick wild animals are treated there, others were victims of animal trafficking, and finally the townspeople will bring wild animals that have been injured in road accidents.

Each animal area replicates the natural habitat of for each species. The other aim of the institution is to inform the public about the importance of biodiversity, regulations concerning hunting, deforestation and ecology. Volunteers work from to 8am. to 5 pm. Monday to Friday, with several breaks during the day. During your programme you will be housed in the zoo, you will receive three meals a day, and will share accommodation with other volunteers. You must commit to a minimum of 4 weeks. The zoo has a small library and an internet connection.

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