Centre for the development of disadvantaged young adults

Volunteer in Peru : A better future for young adults !

This project deals with the rehabilitation of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds that have encountered problems with the law. The goal is to put these young people back on the right track by spending time with them and offering them hope for a future away from the criminal underworld.

Centre pour jeunes Pérou - Globalong

The centre is located in Cusco, about 25 minutes by bus from the language school.They are all aged from 12 to 20 years. The centre offers them an education and vocational training as well as psychological support, because they often lack confidence and need to feel that there are people who support them and care about their future.
Volunteers who are committed to this placement must be prepared to face the difficult pasts of young people as they have been forgotten or rejected by society. You should never judge or comment on what young people have done in the past. Only their future is important.
Volunteer in Peru GlobalongIn this project, international volunteers are very popular. You will join the centre and help staff to organize workshops on topics such as: 

Prevention workshops on:

  • Drinking
  • Drugs
  • Sex education and contraception
  • Ethical values

Professional workshops to learn trades such as:

  • Jeunes Pérou - Globalong Shoemaker
  • Fashion designer
  • Farmer

Education workshops on:

  • Public health
  • The environment
  • Cultural identityinformation
  • Technology
  • Entertainment workshops
  • Volunteer in Peru with GlobalongSports
  • Arts
  • Dance

All these workshops were set up with a single goal: to provide a future and a stable job to move them away from their past. Volunteers work from Monday to Friday, from 8am. to 1pm or 2pm to 5pm and are free at the weekends.

Entry requirements:

You must commit to a minimum of 4 weeks to create a relationship of trust with children and staff.

By agreeing to a volunteer placement in a country like Peru, you must show that you are flexible and understand that there is no set timetable. You should be independent and mature.

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