Handicapped adults and children

Help handicapped adults and children in Peru !

You can engage with one of the two centres that hosts children and adults with mental or physical disabilities. Unfortunately in Peru, as in most developing countries, people with disabilities are often forgotten or even rejected by their families who have neither the means nor the knowledge to take care of them.

Enfant avec handicap au Pérou - Globalong

The staff at the centres work hard to try to integrate patients into society.

One of the centres is dedicated to children. Here the main activity is teaching and organization of professional workshops. You will assist in the classroom to provide a future perspective for children and give them the opportunity to find paid work one day. Without the training at the centre, these children would have no alternative, and may never work.

The second centre cares for about 80 children and adults. They are suffering from problems such as Downs’ syndrome, autism or other disabilities.

Volunteer in Peru GlobalongThe institution receives no government assistance and survives only thanks to its very committed staff, volunteers and private donations.

You can help with the following tasks:

  • Organizing walks
  • Assisting caregivers with rehabilitation or exercise
  • Helping to prepare and eat meals
  • Helping to maintain the premises and the vegetable garden

You will work either in the mornings or the afternoons but if you wish you can spend more time and work all day.

volunteer in Peru GlobalongYou will be free at the weekends.

Entry requirements:

You must commit to a minimum of 2 weeks to create a relationship of trust with children and staff.

By agreeing to a volunteer placement in a country like Peru, you must show that you are flexible and understand that there is no set timetable. You should be independent and mature.


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