Volunteer in an orphanage or a clinic

Volunteer in Peru and take care of handicapped children !

As a humanitarian volunteer, you can join an orphanage or a clinic for disabled children in Peru.

participate in a orphanage programme in PeruThese children are usually living in isolated communities and are rejected from their families who do not have the skills and financial means to take care of them. In most cases, when the children need to be treated in a clinic, they’re never picked up by their families and are abandoned.

For a humanitarian programme in Peru, you will work either in the morning or in the afternoon but if you want to, you can choose to stay all day.

Your tasks will be:

  • Work with children aged 4 to 17
  • Dress the kids, help shower and feed them
  • Organise walks
  • Organise activities such as singing, theatre or other games
  • Participate in the activities organised by the institution

orphanage in peru with gloablong

During the day, most older orphans go to school. Meanwhile, you could help the staff with the daily tasks, take care of the younger children or help teachers during class. 

Required qualifications:

  • Have an intermediate level of Spanish
  • Be available for at least 2 weeks

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