Humanitarian programme with midwives

Medical programme in Peru !

The aim of this humanitarian programme in Peru is to help pregnant women during their pregnancy and giving birth by following a controlled plan to prevent child mortality.

GLOBALONG midwifes programmesThis humanitarian programme takes place in isolated villages at approximately one hour from Cusco. In general, the volunteers will stay in healthcare centres in Cusco. When a woman is ready to give birth the volunteers can go to the villages and stay there a few days while the mother recovers.

As a volunteer, you will integrate the midwive team and you will have to be ready to:

  • Coordinate the staff action (obstetricians, interns, doctors, volunteers)
  • Join long distance visits
  • Assist the obstetrician during birth
  • Assist during consultations
  • Prepare workshops about hygiene, giving birth or to prevent sexually transmitted diseases

join international participants with Globalong in PeruBy volunteering in a humanitarian and social volunteer programme in a Peru, you need to be flexible and understand that there is no predicted schedule.

Required qualifications:

  • Be a medical student, a nurse, or work in the medical field
  • Have an advanced level of Spanish or Quechua
  • Be capable of working with very little equipment
  • Bring warm clothes
  • Be capable of living in extremely basic conditions
  • Be respectful of the Peruvian culture and of the medical practices
  • Be tolerant, open-minded and maturenice time with babies in Cusco Globalong
  • Be in excellent physical condition
  • Be available for a volunteer period of at least 2 weeks

Please bring your own stethoscope, work clothes and a warm sleeping bag.

Please note that the hospitals apply an administration fee of 270€ to this project. This fee is not included in our genral fees. 

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