Football/soccer for underprivileged children

Soccer for a better future in Peru !

The objective of this program is to offer a sport activity after classes for children up to 15 years old to keep children out of drugs and to teach them to do activities as a group.

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Practices are in the gym, public soccer fields and stadium, all at less than 15 minutes bus ride from the Academia.

Normally the project is open 15:30 to 18:30 but the schedule can change in the summer break; it depends on the weather as well.


  • High basic level of Spanish
  • Minimum 2 weeks of volunteering
  • Bring appropriate clothes and soccer shoes
  • Volunteers who have a passion for soccer and for children

Daily volunteer activities:

  • Volunteers help the coach while they are exercising and playing
  • Running
  • Playing soccer
  • Be friendly and work in team
  • Teach them how to play as a team


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