Street children

Volunteer in this street children's center in Peru !

This project was created by the Peruvian government for abandoned children who have to live in the streets while their parents work.

Volunteer programme in Peru with GlobalongIn some cases, parents used to lock their children out, leaving them without any control or supervision. The project receives a small financial compensation from the government. Most of the children are migrants from distant communities of Cusco: parents work as taxi drivers, in the markets, and selling products on the street.

Project facilities are located about a 25-minute ride from the Academia. You will work from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The project is open all year round except from January to March 15th, the last week of July, and the second one in August.

Volunteer programme in Peru GlobalongDaily volunteer tasks:

  • Assist in preparing the materials and integration of games.
  • Prepare a snack, alone or aided by a mother.
  • Support the promoter when needed.
  • Prepare presentations about your country with pictures of places, food, flags, etc., and exhibit them.
  • Teach English with songs and short words.
  • Participate in activities organized by the promoter, even parading in costumes.


"Aprendí a valorar las cosas que me dan mis padres y la fortaleza que tienen para enfrentar los problemas los cusqueños. Fue una maravillosa experiencia."

"I learned the value of things that my parents gave me, and the personal strength the people of Cusco have in confronting their problems. It was a marvelous experience."

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