Volunteering in a zoo

Volunteer in Peru and discover the peruvian wildlife !

This zoo is dedicated to the breeding and conservation of the Peruvian species. 

Volunteer Peru - Globalong

It currently houses more than 220 mammals, birds and reptiles (wolves, bears, lions, turtles, parrots, monkeys, etc.). You will join the staff of the zoo for the duration of your mission, alongside volunteers, students and zookeepers.

You will help maintain the park and fences, prepare and distribute food for the animals and will organize guided tours. This is a unique opportunity to discover the Peruvian animal species and gain experience in managing a zoo.

Entry requirements:

You must commit to a minimum of 4 weeks to create a relationship of trust with the staff.

By agreeing to a volunteer placement in a country like Peru, you must show that you are flexible and understand that there is no set timetable. You should be independent and mature. 

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