Ecovolunteer programme in an organic farm

Protection of the environment in the Galapagos !

Travel in the Galapagos’ archipelago and live a unique eco volunteering experience and get involved in local development and environmental protection.

Globalong eco-volunteer programme in Galapagos This eco volunteer programme takes place in San Cristobal, one of the numerous islands forming the archipelago, located at 30 minutes walking distance from the city of El Progreso.

It is a yet unknown island living essentially from a small touristic activity and only few, but lucky, people have had the opportunity to join this eco volunteer programme in San Cristobal island.

The global warming is not sparing the Galapagos islands and the crystal clear waters of this little paradise are endangered, which causes the disappearance of species such as sea lions, penguins or iguanas.

protect the environment in Galapagos with GlobalongDuring the week you will work from Monday to Friday from 8 to 12am and from to 2 to 5pm.

The agricultural projects already set up contribute to the preservation of the nature in San Cristobal island.

Most of the time, you will work in an organic farm and contribute to the development of new agricultural techniques respecting and participating in the preservation of the environment.

During this eco volunteer programme in the Galapagos Islands, you will be accommodated in a house shared with other volunteers from all over the world. Each bedroom has two beds, a bathroom with a shower and relaxation areas (terrace, hammocks) are at your disposal.

Galapagos islands close to ecuadorYou will cook your own meals in the shared kitchen in the Galapagos for all the duration of your eco volunteer programme. For your meals, you can use the vegetables from the garden or go to the supermarket in town.

To join this programme, you need to be in good shape, be motivated and independent.

This programme is perfect for nature lovers and for anyone wanting to protect the environment.

Even if the local coordinator and the NGOs will accompany volunteers during the eco volunteer period, we ask our participants to show initiative and to do their best to get involved so their integration with the group already on site goes quickly.

In our traveller’s guide and in the country guide, that you will receive before your departure, you will find useful advice and important information to prepare your eco volunteer programme in the Galapagos Islands and avoid culture shock.

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