Volunteering in Senegal

Travel in Senegal for a life changing experience !

Join a humanitarian programme in Senegal, one of the most authentic countries of West Africa.


Several NGOs and local associations work on local development of the country and need help from international volunteers.


Senegal is a stable country welcoming lots of volunteers every year to join teaching, sustainable development or healthcare programmes.


Education in Senegal is one of the most developed in Africa and students have access to training in various fields.


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Who can join the volunteer programme in Senegal ?


Local time in Dakar:




Volunteering in Senegal


Everyone! We all have things to offer, even without qualifications. Just have the willingness to give a little time and discover a whole new culture.

There are only two criteria for participation :

  1. be over 18 years old
  2. bring in a suitcase full of smiles and happiness - this is important, not negociable !


The volunteer programme in Senegal !

Volunteer Senegal Globalong

The program starts every Monday, and you will be picked up at Dakar airport the day before the start of the program. The majority of the placements are in the Dakar region.

Dakar is the capital of Senegal and has just over one million inhabitants with just over 3 million throughout the Dakar region.

Dakar is also the former capital of French West Africa.

You must arrive the day before the start of the programme, before 9.30pm. 

To avoid the culture shock you will follow an integration process for a few days, during which you will learn about theVolunteer programme in Senegal lifestyles and customs of the Senegalese and see some of the points of interest of the city such as the island of Gorée (House of Slaves) and the pink lake.

If you choose one of our humanitarian volunteer programs in Senegal, you will receive a complete guide of the country, mission, advice and information before leaving. For further information or advice, contact us by mail or through our contact form.

Useful information to your volunteer programme

Volunteer senegal globalong

All volunteers are hosted by the family of the Headmaster of the school. You will stay in a room with electricity, equipped with a mattress, a fan and a mosquito net and you will share a bathroom.

Women will be housed in the family apartment while men will be housed in an apartment near the school which is the home of the Head Teacher.

You will be able to wash your clothes, either in the house where you will stay or in the Pikine laundry (or any other solution of your choice).

Senegal Volunteer GlobalongThe three meals a day (local cuisine) are taken with the host family.

Everyone eats from one dish - it is a friendly way to eat, you really share! In most families, you eat with your hands but you can always ask for a knife or a fork. If this bothers you, remember to bring your own.

Included in Senegal's programme:

Initial membership fee (200 €) enrolment as a member of the GlobAlong Association is valid for a period of 9 years (renewable).

Accommodation :

  • Mosquito net (if needed)
  • Internet access/wifi at the coordinator's house

Program, follow-up and customization 

  • Pick-up at the airport before 10 PMGlobalong volunteer programme Senegal
  • Help and guidance from our team in Europe before your programme starts
  • Transfer to the accommodation
  • Accommodation
  • Full board for the duration of your stay
  • In-country days to prepare for your project
  • Customization of your programme
  • Daily transport to and from your volunteer placement
  • Transfer back to the airport at the end of your stay
  • 7/7 support from the local coordinatorVolunteer in Senegal with Globalong
  • Support from the Globalong team during your entire stay
  • Personal blog on our network
  • Advise on how to get a visa (if needed)
  • Country guide
  • Traveller’s guide
  • Certificate of attendance to a volunteer programme
  • Donation for a project
  • Organization fees

Not included in Senegal's programme :

  • Extra outings
  • Personal expenses
  • Globalong volunteer abroad - SenegalFlights to and from Senegal
  • Travel and cancellation insurance (mandatory)
  • Vaccinations (click here for more information)
  • Visa fees

Bank Holiday 2017/2018 in Senegal :

  • 1 November 2017 : All Saint’s Day
  • 7 November 2017 : Magal de Touba
  • 30 November 2017 : Prophet’s birthday
  • 25 December 2017 : Christmas
  • 1 January 2018 : New Year’s Day
  • 4 April 2018 : Independence Day
  • 02 April 2018 : Easter
  • 1st May 2018 : Labour Day
  • 10 May 2018 : Ascension Day
  • 21 May 2018 : Whit Monday
  • 15 June 2018 : End Of Ramadan
  • 15 August 2018 : Assumption
  • 22 August 2018 : Tabaski (Feast of Sacrifice)
  • 21 September 2018: Tamkharit
  • 1 November 2018 : All Saint’s Day
  • 7 November 2018 : Magal de Touba
  • 30 November 2018 : Prophet’s birthday
  • 25 December 2018 : Christmas

Climate in Senegal:

Climate Dakar GlobalongClimate Dakar Globalong

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@globalong.com

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