Journalism internship in Argentina

Have a life-changing experience in Argentina with a journalism internship !

  The number of students in the journalism field has increased, but there are not only students wanting to make an internship in South America, a lot of people passionate about writing or literature are tempted by this programme.

Globalong photo journalism in argentinaIn Argentina, take the opportunity of joining an internship in the Patagonia Business Magazine where you will work with professionals in the field of communication and journalism. A professional experience abroad in a CV is a real advantage and can boost your career.

During this journalism internship in Argentina, you will be assisting journalists, writing articles and realizing various reports. You will work in different services and some interns have already worked on articles about tourism in Argentinian Patagonia.

All thee tasks are non-exhaustive and can change depending on your experience and the needs of the magazine.

To join this journalism programme in Latin America, you need to have an upper intermediate level of Spanish (B2 equivalent), be independent and want to discover a different culture and country.

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