Medical project

Help patients in publics Argentinians hospitals !

Are you a professional working in the medical field, a medical or nurse student or even without any experience, and would you like to help patients in a public hospital in Argentina?

globalong argentinians landscapesDo not hesitate anymore, this programme is made for you!
As a volunteer in the medical field, you will work in a public hospital in Patagonia.
The population of this Argentinian region as large as isolated really need help and thanks to the volunteer’s involvement some healthcare centres can continue to exist.
Your tasks:
  • Inform the population
  • Assist patients during meals
  • Organize activities
  • Assist patients Globlong volunteering programmes in Argentina
  • Assist the doctors (depending on your experience)
Please, note that you will not work in emergency or chirurgical services.
The tasks given are non-exhaustive and can change depending on your experience and the needs of the moment.
Required qualifications:
  • Volunteers group in Argentina GlobalongHave at least an upper intermediate level of Spanish (B2 equivalent)
  • You have to be mature and independent
  • Be open-minded
  • Do not have apprehension about the medical field
  • If possible have a medical training (not mandatory)
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