Teaching english in schools

Join a teaching programme in Argentina !

Are you passionate about teaching and do you want to share your knowledge with children? Then, this programme is made for you!

teaching programmes in Argentina with GlobalongYou can either teach English, horticulture or organize workshops to share your professional skills and passion with children in a school in Argentina.
You will also have the opportunity to combine these programmes. 
1.Teach English in Argentina
This volunteer project takes place in Bariloche, in Argentina, one of the most beautiful ski resort of South America.
Globalong voluntary work in ArgentinaFor the less experienced, finding a job in Argentina has become very difficult because there are not enough available positions and the demand exceeds the offer.
A big part of young disadvantaged Argentinians living in Patagonia don’t have access to education and don’t have the chance to learn English, essential to find a job in the tourism industry. In Argentina, tourism is a fast-growing sector and many teenagers would like to work in this field.
Giving English lessons to young students in Argentina GlobalongThat’s why, as a volunteer in Argentina, you’ll help develop young Argentinians’ English skills.
Your tasks:
Be an assistant or an English teacher (depending on your level)
Give English lessons to children from 6 to 12
Organize workshops
Organize activities and after school events
Voluntary work in Argentina with GlobalongThe tasks given are non-exhaustive and can change depending on your experience and the needs of the moment.
2.Teach horticulture and take care of the organic garden
This volunteer programme in Argentina is for the horticulture-lover.
Some schools have their own organic garden where the children come to learn how to plant and cultivate vegetables for their own use.
Globalong give students opportunities to teach horticulture in argentinaAs a volunteer in Argentina, you will give these children the opportunity to learn more about the environment, nutrition and you will raise awareness about the importance of a good job for a better future!
Your tasks:
  • Help in the daily tasks in the school
  • Cultivate and harvest vegetables with the children
  • Give a moral support
  • Inform the population about the environment
The tasks given are non-exhaustive and can change depending on your experience and the needs of the moment.
3. Job workshops for young Argentinians
By joining this social volunteer programme in Argentina, you’ll have the opportunity to share your passion and your professional skills with young disadvantaged Argentinians.
Schools don’t have the possibility, time and financial means to organise job workshops.
To find a solution to this problem, schools are asking for volunteers to come to talk about their culture and organize workshops about their job.
Your tasks:
  • Volunteers helps with organisc gardens Be assistant or workshop teacher
  • Organize workshops for children
  • Organize workshops about jobs
  • Encourage children to believe in themselves
The tasks given are non-exhaustive and can change depending on your experience and the needs of the moment.
Required qualifications:
  • Volunteers in Argentina with GlobalongHave at least an upper intermediate level of Spanish (B2 equivalent)
  • You have to be mature and independent
  • Be open-minded
  • Have an upper intermediate level of English (to teach English)
  • A desire to share your knowledge
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