Orphanages in Cambodia

Take care of orphans or underprivileged children in Cambodia !

Many Cambodian children live in orphanages even though some are not real orphans. Most of them are children coming from very poor families whose parents suffer from AIDS/HIV or other diseases and are unable of taking care of them.

Volunteer in Cambodia Globalong

The interaction with volunteers is essential for these children, as well as the attention and affection you give them. The moment they send in volunteer’s company will highly reinforce their self-esteem. Working in orphanages will give you the opportunity to take care of and teach to children from very poor families who have quite often been abused. The children are aged from 2 months to 18 years.

The main task for volunteers is teaching English, but you can also help with daily tasks such as: cooking, housework, homework, personal hygiene, and playing with kids, of course.

Volunteer programme in Cambodia GlobalongTasks are assigned to volunteers depending of their level in English, abilities, qualification and wishes. You must be independent, able to take the initiative and organise activities to participate in this program.

Examples of tasks:

  • Organizing conversation groups for 3 or 4 hours per day to teach English
  • Assisting teachers during classes
  • Helping with homework
  • Organizing games and different activities
  • Teaching singing, music, arts and craftVolunteer in Cambodia Globalong
  • Help to tidy up bedrooms or cook with kids
  • Help to maintain the vegetable garden
  • Maintaining premises (painting, renovating, i.e...)
  • Help administrating the orphanage and look for donors
  • and so much more depending on the needs of the moment and your skills. Please do not hesitate to innovate and show initiative.

Working conditions:

Orphanages have very few means and help from the outside is essential. You will work with local teams.

Volunteer in Cambodia for a life changing experience GlobalongYou will not have much equipment at your disposal and we suggest that you bring some teaching materials or toys (even a few pens or pencils and exercise books can be helpful). Most of the children from the orphanages take classes in public schools either in the morning or in the afternoon.

They learn English, Khmer, culture, hygiene, sport, arts and traditional Khmer dance. You will be able to take part in teaching if you want, even if you are not fully qualified. You will volunteer between 30 and 35 hours a week.

Minimum length of the program: 4 weeks.

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