Agricultural Volunteering in Sugar Cane and Coffee Farms

Support Colombian Farmers!

As a volunteer, you will experience life as a Colombian farmer in sugar and coffee plantations, in total immersion.

Volunteering in a Colombian farm - GlobAlongJoining local producers and following in their footsteps throughout the production of sugar or coffee will allow you to discover Colombia in a unique way!

Sugar and coffee farming rank among the main economical activities in Colombia.

The country has been the second largest coffee exporter in the world, after Brazil, since the 1930s.

Local producers have been facing difficulties in finding workers to help them on their plantations, which has lead to great losses and a rise in the cost of living.
Volunteering in Colombia - GlobAlongBecause of this, producers have been struggling to make a living.

As a volunteer, you will have an opportunity to help them with every aspect of the running of coffee and sugar plantations.

You will discover every step in sugar and coffee production, from seed sowing in greenhouses or fields to harvesting or juice extraction. 

You may even help design the packaging of the end product.

Support Colombian farmers - GlobAlongRequired qualifications:

  • To be over 18
  • To be motivated and willing to help
  • To enjoy manual labour
  • To be open-minded

All volunteers are welcome but if you do have any farming skills, this would be a plus (please remember to mention it when enrolling)!

Internship abroad:

Volunteering project in a sugar cane plantation - GlobAlongYou can take part in a social volunteering mission in Colombia as an internship.

Feel free to share any ideas or feedback you may have with local producers, who will be happy to hear your insights, however please do not force your ideas on them.

Feel free to contact us at for further information!

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