Social Volunteering in a Centre for Children with Special Needs

Support the local team for a life-changing experience in Colombia!

Volunteers who take part in this programme are committing to bring help and support to the local team, by organising and facilitating activities to encourage children with special needs to gain more independence.

Social volunteering in Colombia - GlobAlongIn Colombia, people with special needs are usually looked after by their parents or relatives.

Few people are aware of their actual needs, which can be overlooked.

This centre is very under-staffed and the staff providing these children with care and support is not qualified.

That is why they need volunteers to join the team.

Your help could make a real difference to the everyday lives of these children!

Support children with special needs in Latin America - GlobAlongAs a volunteer, you may take part in various tasks, according your skills but mostly according to actual current needs.

Everyone can enrol but if you have any experience in the medical field or in education with special needs children, this would be a plus to help empower these children and help them socialise!

To enrol in this humanitarian programme, you must be autonomous, show initiative, organise and facilitate activities.

You may take part in the following tasks:

  • Assisting the local team in their daily tasks
  • Volunteer in Colombia - GlobAlongAssisting the local team in caring for special needs children
  • Organising and facilitating fun activities (games, arts, singing, etc.)

Qualifications required:

  • To be over 18
  • To be motivated and willing to help
  • To be mature, independent and patient
  • To enjoy caring for special needs children
  • Minimum programme duration: 4 weeks

Internship in Latin America - GlobAlongInternship abroad:

You may take part in any of the social volunteering programmes in Colombia as an internship.

Feel free to contact us at for further information!

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