Teaching English in Colombian Schools

Teaching Project

As a volunteer, you will teach English to Colombian children and teenagers.

Volunteering programme in a school - GlobAlongTaking part in a volunteering mission in Colombian schools is a great opportunity for you to help children reach their goals in life. 

These schools really need open-minded volunteers who wish to teach a foreign language to the pupils.

You could either teach in a small rural school with 260 pupils or in a bigger school in a nearby city (a 20 minutes ride by bus) with 2.000 pupils.

You could also combine both!

Volunteering in Colombia - GlobAlongAs a volunteer, you could teach other subjects such as PE, art, music, dance, etc.

While having a good enough level of English to communicate with the children is compulsory to enrol in this programme, no other qualification is requested.

If you do have specific qualifications or experience (in IT, music, arts or sports, for instance), feel free to let the teaching team know!

Volunteers play an important part in practicing English with the pupils through conversations, singing, games or various other activities.

Social volunteering in Latin America - GlobAlongEven if you are not fluent in English, having an opportunity to speak English is a great way for children to progress – they are all so eager to learn!

Please note that schools are closed for 2 weeks during Easter, for 3 weeks in June-July as well as during the holiday season from late December to mid-January.

Internship in Colombia:

All volunteering missions can be done as internships. Indeed, volunteers assist local teachers, acting as mentors.

As a volunteer, you may take part in the following tasks:

  • The volunteers' house in Colombia - GlobAlongTeaching English
  • Teaching PE
  • Teaching arts
  • Teaching arts and crafts
  • Teaching music, singing, dance
  • Playing games and giving attention to the children
  • Supporting the children with their personal development

Depending on your qualifications and personal preferences, feel free to innovate and take initiative to suggest new activities.

The teaching programme:

Volunteer in South America - GlobAlongClasses start at 7am and end at 1.30pm. Some classes may end at 3 or 5pm.

On top of the subjects mentioned above, you could take part in prevention sessions for teenagers such as:

  • Drug prevention
  • Protecting the environment
  • Teen pregnancies
  • Child abuse

Humanitarian programme in Colombia - GlobAlongMoreover, if you have professional training in the field of tourism, you could share your knowledge with young Colombians to help them improve their skills.

Qualifications required:

  • Motivation and the will to help
  • An interest in teaching and enthusiasm to interact with a class
  • Open-mindedness
  • A good level of English to allow speaking practice with the pupils

Feel free to contact us at info@globalong.com for further information!

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