New South Wales' State in Australia

Join our volunteers in national parks and beaches of Australia !

In New South Wales you will find over 600 parks and reserves, beaches, historic cities and also “outback” regions - typical desert scenery in Australia.

New South Wales - mauvaises herbes - Globalong

You will get information in Sydney, but the projects are usually located far from major cities and later the first day you will go to Canberra (the capital of Australia), Newcastle or Wollongong. You can either choose one of these destinations before arriving in Australia or wait and we will assign a destination for you during the day in Sydney.

Examples of past projects in New South Wales (contact us for projects available on the dates you wish to come): 

  • Reforestation e.g. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Following the 2003 forest fires, this long-term project is working to rebuild the natural wildlife habitat.
  • NSW repas - GlobalongThe Natta National Park is surrounded by sandstone cliffs and can be described as an untouched wilderness. Projects here help enhance biodiversity around the park and includes tasks such as reforestation, the fight against harmful plants or seed collection. Some projects also include monitoring the number of rock wallabies (a small marsupial mammal) or building fences.
  • With a little luck you will see dolphins at Nobbys Beach, a popular place in Newcastle. You can help plant native species or fight against harmful plants such as "Bitou Bush", a very threatening case, because it survives almost everything, even forest fires! 
  • The national "Blue Mountains park" is a World Heritage site, and you can build and maintain trails.

Climate in Sydney:

Climate Sydney GlobalongClimate Sydney Globalong

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