Victoria's State in Australia

Volunteer in natural reserves, national parks in Australia !

Victoria, which is only an hour flight from Sydney, is the second smallest state in Australia. This is an area rich in landscapes with beaches, mountains and national parks.

Natural accomodation maintenance in Australia  Globalong

Three destinations are possible from the Melbourne office: 

  • Melbourne local projects in or near the town.
  • Bendigo, a former Eldorado for gold diggers. The city is famous for its architectural legacy from the Victorian era
  • Geelong the starting point of the "Great Ocean Road", a 243 km coastal road along the coast

Examples of projects in the past in the state of Victoria (contact us for projects available on the dates you wish to arrive):

  • Bandicoot en AustralieThe natural reserve of Melbourne. This project aims to reintroduce original mammal species such as the bandicoot (small marsupials that weigh about two kilos) or Dunnart (marsupial mouse). In these projects volunteers are improving the quality of their habitat through reforestation, management of harmful plants, building fences and hiking trails. During this placement you will have a good chance to observe wild kangaroos! 
  • "The Island" is a ridge of lava steep located in the Victoria volcanic area near the place where the Myrniong Creek crosses the Werribee River. This long-term project aims to transform the barren landscape into a paradise for wildlife.
  • accomodation reinstatement in Costa Rica In the Otway National Park, you will find rainforests, ancient tropical forests, drier forests in the hills inland and very diversified heather and wood areas. All crowned by a resistant coastline, which boasts the most beautiful waterfalls in Victoria. Volunteers help build and maintain the "Great Ocean Walk," which requires a lot of maintenance.
  • The Grampians National Park offers an opportunity to protect and estimate biodiversity through the establishment of wildlife monitoring programmes, control of harmful plants and maintenance of trails. 

There are also often rehabilitation programmes following forest fires, which annually destroy large areas of forest. 

Climate in Melbourne :

Climate Melbourne globalongClimate Melbourne globalong


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