Centre for children affected by AIDS/HIV

Take care of children affected by AIDS / HIV in South India !

Please note, that this program only accepts female volunteers. Children who live here are very vulnerable and need special attention. A large part of them have been sexually abused and were victims of child prostitution.

Globalong volunteer programme in South India

They get advice, education and psychological counselling. Volunteers who have medical training are appreciated but it is not essential.

You will work and live in the centre with these children. You will share their daily lives, you will join the staff team and help them when needed.

The tasks are many and varied, but the most important thing is to share precious moments with the children, to give them affection and better their lives as much as possible.

Although they have seen and experienced extremely painful things, the residents of the centre are only children, and like any child they need to feel loved and feel safe. It is important to play with them, and to share happy moments.

To sing and play music or any other positive child-centred activity can help to gain their trust.

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