Rural community development - sustainable agriculture

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Globalong Volunteer South India

This organization started in 1996, and acts in fields like: 

  • Socio-economics
  • Environnemental
  • Sanitairy

Its goal is to carry out Gandhi's dream of creating a sustainable, autosiffuciant and autonomous agriculture. 

Gandhi's vision was:

  • A social-economic development for people who live in rural areas, who are often very poor, but who deserve a better life 
  • Volunteer programme South India Globalong
    A sustainable use of natural ressources
  • Education and vocational training to use the natural ressources
  • Introduce the use of new technologies in agriculture
  • Make people aware of social, sanitary and environmental issues
  • Taking care of elderly people

The organization acts in:

  • Empowerment of women
  • Environmental protection
  • Prevention and control of AIDS/HIV virus
  • Globalong South India VolunteerVocational training for disadvantaged youth, especially young women

The volunteers help:

  • Teach in local schools
  • Take care of children in the nursery
  • Teach english to women
  • Teach arts, manufacture, painting, music, theatre etc.
  • Organize information workshops and home visits to help women
  • Help the staff with daily tasks
  • Help organize new forms of development

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