The Elephant orphanage - daily tasks

Take care of elephants in this volunteer programme in Sri Lanka !

This centre was established in 1999 and hosts elephants, who were rescued from poachers or who have gone astray.

Ecovolunteering in Sri Lanka Globalong

It is located near the town of Kegalle with 16 hectares of greenery and a river where elephants take their daily bath.
The "Mahouts" and a vet care for the elephants every day.
This project is for all those who love elephants and who want to discover Sri Lanka while improving the lives of these impressive animals.
Volunteers play an important role in the centre, and all skills can be put to use.

An example of a typical day:

Ecovolunteering in Sri Lanka Globalong

If you work in the morning:

7 am-8:45: Looking after the elephants

  • You will go with the Mahout to meet "your" elephant where they sleep. Together, you will muck out its stable. Then you will go with the elephant to the river to clean it with coconut husks. You will also record any important data on the elephant. Once or twice a week you will work to produce vitamins balls. 

8:30-16:30: Selling at the fruit store 

  • Ecovolunteering in Sri Lanka GlobalongOn a rotaa basis you will work at the store where you sell fruit to tourists to feed the elephants. The profits from these sales are used exclusively for site maintenance, care of the elephants and to save other elephants. 

9 am-9:25: Breakfast

9:30: veterinary check

  • You will help the vet to monitor the health of the elephants. You will check their legs and will look for possible injureis and you will give them vitamins balls. If an animal needs a specific treatment, you'll help to administer it.

10 am-12pm: Gardening in the eco-farm and the maintenance centre

  • The Eco-farm is the main source of fruit and vegetables for the fruit shop and meals for volunteers and mahouts.

12-14: Break!

  • During the break, you can use the Internet, go to town and shopping, napping or just enjoy quiet time with the elephants. 

Volunteer programme Globalong Sri Lanka Elephants

13:30-14: Lunch

If you work in the afternoon:

14-15: Gardening in eco-farm and the maintenance centre

  • In addition to conventional gardening, you can also take part in fund raising for the centre, cleaning and looking after objects in the small museum, You can work on the social, media networks (blog / newsletter / twitter / youtube. . . )

15-17: In the afternoons, you will take part in the following:

  • Volunteer sri lanka elephants globalong
    Stimulation of the elephants. You set up fun activities to stimulate the elephants; cut the grass for the elephants or hide fruit in the field or create playful games. 
  • Resource centre. On a rota basis, the volunteers teach at the resource centre in Rambukkana for 2 hours per week. The resource centre was established in 2012 and aims to teach English to underprivileged children whose parents can not afford lessons. 
  • Education. You can teach conversational English in an after-school centre. The teaching is based on games and fun!

17:30: Team Meeting

  • Come to the office to discuss the day's activities, share ideas and hear any news from the coordinator. 

18-19: Break.

  • During the break, you can use the Internet, go to town and do some shopping, you can take a nap or just enjoy quiet time with the elephants.

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19h: Dinner
If you still have some energy after your days, and if you want to, you can also teach English in the neighboring villages. Local people just waiting to learn and improve their level of English, but because of lack of money, they cannot pay the registration fees for schools.

The elephant project is closed from December 20 to 28.

Necessary Qualifications:

  • All we ask is that you are enthusiastic and want to help
  • Experience or ammittment to future Veterinary studies would be helpful, but not required
  • Be open minded

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