The humanitarian programme in Morocco

Participate in social work in Morocco !

This project for the development of a socio-cultural centre is intended for children, women and young people in a village located in the central Moroccan Atlas mountains.

volunteer programme in Morocco - Globlaong This centre is going to help women and young people in the village develop their skills.
The aim is to reduce school dropouts by offering training and help with school homework. These activities will take place during free time and school holidays. 
The project also aims to teach adults and young people who did not finish school.
The centre encourages all individual and collective initiative to protect nature and support Berber culture. 

humanitarian programme in Morocco - GlobAlong

For instance, it strongly supports the villagers' handicrafts, as there will be an exhibition room for them to sell their creations to visiting tourists.
90.9% of the children aged 6 to 12 years go to school - a quite high percentage rate! Unfortunately, these rates fall dramatically for young people aged 13 to 16 as most of them do not attend high school.
The reasons for dropping out from school are mostly:
  • The distance from their home to schools
  • Volunteer programme in Morocco - GlobAlong The lack of public transportation
  • The necessity to help out parents in the fields or at home

This causes many problems and does not make schooling attractive to young people.

At the moment, only 3 teenagers in the village are doing an apprenticeship - 2 of them are training in mechanics and 1 in carpentry.

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The aim of the project: 
  • To establish an educational structure for young people who attend school
  • To organize literacy courses for adults
  • To help children and young people with school work
  • To create a showroom for local craft and artisanal products 
  • To organize educational, recreational, sports and fun activities

Volunteer programme in Morocco - GlobAlong

Enrolling for this humanitarian and social volunteer programme in Morocco means that you will get the opportunity to engage in several areas such as:
Help constructing the site of the socio-cultural centre:
This project is only available from May 10th to September 15th because of weather conditions, which can be quite difficult in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. You are expected to commit for a period of 2 weeks to 3 months. 

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The main tasks of volunteers will be: 
  • Building walls
  • Digging
  • Transporting earth and stones
  • Prepare concrete 
Volunteers with adequate qualifications will help coordinating the site.
All building materials will be provided by our local partner.

Teaching programme :

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Our main project needs volunteers all year round. You will need to commit for at a period of at least two weeks and a maximum of 3 months.
Your tasks will mainly be:
  • Organize French lessons for children 
  • Organize English lessons 
  • Organize educational excursions for children
  • Teach music and singing
  • Organize activities and sports competitions
  • Create painting and artistic workshops

Volmunteer in Morocco - GlobAlong

Teaching takes place at the kindergarten in the village, where a room will be available for volunteers and their equipment. Markers, tables, chairs etc. will be provided by the team on site. 
Environmental programme : 

This project needs volunteers that can commit for a period from 2 weeks to 3 months. Help is needed all year long.
Your tasks can be:
  • Volunteer in total immersion - GlobAlong Organize awareness campaigns to protect the environment 
  • Organize waste collection campaigns involving children and the surrounding villages
  • Help local employees find ways to limit the impact of waste on the community and the environment
  • Set up a structure to treat waste  
Depending on your skills and actual needs on site, you may be required to:
  • Help villagers in the fields (cut grass, plant seeds, plough) 
  • Live a unique experience - Globalong Implement and maintain the traditional irrigation systems used by the population
  • Help transport grain to the threshing areas during harvest time (July and August) 
You will need to participate in all of the above tasks.

Independence, maturity and the desire to help are the key words defining this volunteer programme in Morocco.

Volunteers help about 5 hours per day, Monday to Friday, usually 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

Medical programme :

If you have the appropriate training and profile for this mission, you may also join a clinic located in a nearby village and assist the medical staff (a doctor and nursing staff).

The clinic is open everyday and medical staff are also on call in the evenings.

Patients coming to this clinic are mostly women and children of all ages. 

They need to see a doctor for a variety of pains and aches : stomach pain, tooth pain, headaches, appendicitis, burns etc.

This volunteering programme may count as an internship. A nurse or doctor may tutor you throughout the whole mission.

Volunteers who take part in this programme in Morocco are committed to spending 5 hours a day at the clinic from Monday to Friday – 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

Useful information: 

Social work in Morocco - Globalong

Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return date
No visa is required for EU citizens and participants from Canada or Switzerland.
For all nationalities, the maximum stay in Morocco is 90 days. 

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No vaccinations are required to enter Morocco, however we recommend you to check up with your doctor.
We recommend bringing the following items:
  • A small kit with medication against stomach problems, things to treat minor injuries as well as your personal medicine. Ask your doctor for advice.
  • Toiletry kit
  • Sunscreen with high protection
  • Globalong - help in construction and renovation Lip balm
  • Headlamp with spare battery and bulbs
  • Sleeping bag (adapted to  season)
Food and accommodation: 

You will be accommodated at the Volunteer House in the village and will share a room and a bathroom with fellow volunteers.

Enroll now to volunteer in Morocco - GlobAlong You will have a unique opportunity to share daily life with the villagers and get to know the Berber traditional way of life.
You may have the opportunity to learn how to make carpets, prepare traditional bread, cook Tagine or Couscous, make henna tattoos and if you are lucky, even attend a traditional Berber wedding or a party celebrating the birth of a child.

These Berber families, originally nomadic tribes, are used to welcome volunteers amongst their community. 

They are happy to share their daily lives and traditions

Food in Morocco consists mostly of: 

  • At breakfast: tea or coffee, bread, olive oil, jam, etc.
  • At lunch: a hot meal with tajine, salad, vegetables, meat, pasta, lentils, etc.

  • Afternoon break : tea or coffee, bread, pastries

  • For dinner: hot meals with couscous, tagine, vegetables, rice, etc.

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These menus are only examples and may be subject to change.

Volunteers will be required to participate in cleaning the house and preparing meals. 

Spare time:

In the evening, volunteers are permitted to go out together but are expected to return home before 11pm.
Teaching as a volunteer in North Africa - GlobalongDuring week-ends, several options are available:
  • You can go on a small trekking expedition in the surrounding mountains. A member of the host organization will take care of the logistics (tent, equipment etc.). Please note that tents and some materials have to be paid for directly to the local organization.

  • You can also organize day trips or a picnic in the forest but make sure you return to the village in the afternoon. 

  • Football matches with young people from the village are usually organized during weekends
  • On Sundays you can visit the souk, a popular meeting place for villagers from the valley, who come to shop for food and exchange news. 

Make your life meaningful by participating in a volunteer mission in Morocco! 

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