Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The present terms and conditions are applied to all enrolments to our programmes. When enrolling to one of our programmes, you agree on having read and accepting the present terms and conditions, the legal notice and the privacy policy and you commit to respect them.

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1.     General information

a.     These terms and conditions describe what you are legally entitled to expect from us when you enrol for one of our programmes, in addition to your obligations as a customer. The terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to SAS Globalong. The term “you”, “your’s” and “participant” refers to the customer visiting our website, enrolling to a programme or otherwise using our services. The terms “they”, “local team”, “partner” and “coordinator” refer to our French or international partners who have appointed Globalong to link with participants who wish to enrol to a program that they organize. Globalong exclusively act in name of and for these partners as a representative, and thus as an intermediary.

b.     The users of our website acknowledge having checked that their computer software does not contain any viruses and that it is working perfectly. The users of our website acknowledge having the necessary knowledge and skills to use and access to this website. The users acknowledge having been informed that the website is available 24/24 and 7/7, except in case of force majeure, software problems, network interference or technical problems.

c.      The present website, its structure, all of its content, including the texts, pictures, images, videos, films, database, programmes, language and all other components of the website, in particular its services, formulas and products are owned exclusively by SAS Globalong and/or are components that SAS Globalong are entitled to use. The pictures, videos, texts and all other components that have been sent us by our participants are published with their permission.    

d.     Consequently, SAS Globalong only allow you to visualize all contents for private and personal use, excluding all public displaying and/or diffusion. The permission to copy the content of the website is only granted by digitally viewing on your computer through an Internet browser. Printing the content is only allowed for private and personal use according to the article of French law L. 122-5 2° of the Intellectual Property Code. The creation of a hypertext link is allowed without a frame directing towards the homepage of our website www.globalong.com thus excluding all other website address.

e.     Copying these components is strictly forbidden except from clauses that indicate the contrary on the website and granting the permission de copy partially or totally some of the content. Copying, whatever the means employed, represent a counterfeit that can be sanctioned by the articles L.335-2 and onwards of the French law of the Intellectual Property Code.

f.      All other use of contents (not mentioned in these present terms and conditions) must be granted in writing by SAS Globalong. Other than the use mentioned in these terms and conditions, you are not allowed to: copy brands and logos belonging to Globalong, use any content or terms used on the website.

g.     Hypertext links towards any other websites are posted with the authorisation of their authors and Globalong cannot be held responsible for their content.

h.     The users of our website cannot place a hypertext link towards our website without our written permission and cannot use or copy any content without our permission.

i.       Despite the attention provided by SAS Globalong, the content, information, fees, prices, programmes and details on our website are purely informative and can be changed without any prior notice. Globalong cannot guarantee the accuracy, wholeness, balance, or functioning of the website nor of the information and content that it contains, nor that these points have been updated. Translation, interpretation and editorial mistakes as well as omissions may occur. The information published by Globalong does not exempt the users from making enquiries by themselves about information transmitted by Globalong concerning companies, embassies, consuls, or any other organization related to our programmes before committing to any of our programmes.

j.       The present content obeys to the French law, both concerning the content and the procedure.

k.     GlobAlong disclaim all responsibility concerning the information and/or the availability of any programmes on our website and disclaim all responsibility deriving from oversight or anything else concerning this information. 

l.      Globalong disclaim all responsibility of any dysfunctions on this present website due to plug-ins, extensions or other programs that might be installed on you browser. Your browser must be in it's original state, without modifications or optimizations of any kind. 

2.     Enrolment

a.     Method

In order to enrol, you must create an account by using the link “sign up” on our site www.globalong.com. All fake accounts will be immediately deleted and the enrolments cancelled. Some of our destinations are very popular so we recommend you enrol as soon as possible. After creating your account, you must sign in using the formula in the upper right corner of the website. You will then be able to choose your destination, your programme, your start date and the length of your stay.

You must make a deposit to confirm your enrolment. This deposit is used to book your placement.

b.     Time limit         

Please enrol as soon as possible so we can book your placement. For some of our destinations, you will need a valid passport and a visa, thus you must enrol in time to make all the administrative proceedings. These latter can take more than 4 weeks (depending on the destination).

c.     Account validity

Globalong reserved the right to delete any accounts that are not linked to any enrolments and/or that have not been used for more than one month, as well as all the information linked to the account.

3.     Fees

a.     Fee accuracy and validity

The fees on our website are applied for the civil year [1] when the participant enrols. All fees are including all taxes, commission fees included.

b.     Deferred payment

A deposit confirms your enrolment. The balance must be paid at least 8 calendar weeks[2] before your programme start date.  The program start date is the date that you have mentioned when enrolling.

Exceptions to this rule can be caused by any adjustments, changes and/or late additions granted by Globalong.

If you have enrolled less than 8 weeks before your programme start date, you must pay the entire fee in order to confirm your enrolment.

If none of these situation apply to your case and if you have not paid the balance at least 8 weeks before your programme start date, Globalong reserves the right to apply late payment penalties. All unexplained, abusive and/or unjustified delay of payment may lead to the cancellation of our agreement caused by non-payment.

c.      Change of fees

Globalong reserves the right to change the program fees if the exchange rate changes or due to any other circumstances that we cannot control.

4.     Insurance

a.     Travel, cancellation and/or luggage insurance

A Travel insurance is mandatory to cover any medical costs, repatriation and public liability insurance. We also recommend that you sign a cancellation insurance to cover your program fee and your flight ticket etc. in case of unforeseen events. This kind of insurance generally also covers in case of illness (you or your kin).

If you choose not to subscribe to any travel/cancellation insurance, Globalong cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss, litigation or any other problem during you programme.

5.     Change, cancellation and reimbursement

a.     Change after enrolment

If you wish to change or modify your program details once you have enrolled, please contact us by mail at: info@globalong.com. According to the circumstances, we will do our best to satisfy your demands. However, the programs details do not depend on Globalong, but on the local partners, who are entitled to refuse any modification or change after enrolment. 

If you wish to change or modify your program details once your program has started, please contact your local coordinator.

b.     Additional fees after program modification/change

Any modification/change of programs can lead to additional fees. You will receive a quote once we receive your demand of modification/change.

c.      Cancellation fees

No reimbursement can be made after your program start date. There will be no exception to this rule. Your program start date is the date that you have chosen when enrolling. No other date will be accepted. If you cannot begin your program on the start date that you have chosen for a reason such as: illness, professional or academic impediment, or any other reason, we will do our best to change your start date without applying or limiting any extra fees. In case of a change of programme, please contact us as soon as possible.

In order to avoid any cancellation fees, please sign a cancellation insurance (contact any insurance company). The cancellation or the modification/change of your programme must be notified in writing to our services. Any deposit made less than 8 weeks before the programme start date cannot be reimbursed. Any exception to this remains at Globalong’s discretion and must be notified in writing.

Unfortunately, cancellation fees apply with the cancellation of a programme, because of the administration and the loss of income for the host organization and host family.

Cancellation fees:

Number of weeks before your start date


9 weeks or more


4-8 weeks

50% of the global fee

Less than 4 weeks

No reimbursement





If you choose to shorten your programme for any reason (other than a breach of our obligations), we cannot reimburse you. All additional fees will be at your charge, including repatriation, which may be taken cared for by your travel insurance. 

We will consider each request individually to grant you any refunds related to accommodation and food for example. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee.

Globalong does not accept any responsibility for flight cancellation penalties due to the purchase of a non-refundable flight ticket or any other cost incurred at your expense. 

d.     Exceptional circumstances during your programme

Your programme details may be changed due to exceptional and unpredictable circumstances for which Globalong cannot be held responsible. If the event in question is serious enough to affect your programme, we will do our best to find an acceptable alternative in the shortest possible time. In such situations, no reimbursement will take place, and all expenses related to travels will be entirely at your charge. Do not forget to sign a travel insurance that suits your situation. 

Globalong cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, extra costs or complaints that you may have in such circumstances.

e.     If you leave a programme in progress

If you decide to leave a programme in progress, no refund will be made, and no refund application will be considered. 

f.      Refusal to participate

GlobAlong reserves the right to refuse anyone who wants to participate or to require any participant to withdraw at any time and end your programme in writing in the following cases:

                                               i.     If the local coordinator or their staff find that you do not fulfil the responsibilities and tasks for which you have committed when enrolling

                                              ii.     If you refuse to take part in the tasks for which you have committed when enrolling.

                                             iii.     If violate the law or the rules of the organization/programme/school.

                                             iv.     If you take part in any illegal activities or if you are convicted for any criminal activity whatsoever before or during your programme. 

                                              v.     If your behaviour, actions and/or your conduct is judged inappropriate, offending or threatening by the local coordinator or their team, or if your behaviour puts in danger or frightens one or more members of the team, other participants, family members or any other person related to your programme.

                                             vi.     If the information about your physical or mental health you supplied to Globalong was wrong or incomplete.

                                            vii.     If the local team and/or the coordinator find that our exclusion is necessary in the interests of health, safety and/or general welfare of the programme or the other participants. 

g.     Change of programme

Globalong reserves the right to change/modify the initial itinerary when the terms/circumstances are judged to be unsatisfying or if needed for the comfort, convenience or security of the participants. We reserve the right to make changes to the programmes.

If the ministries of foreign affairs inform us that it is unsafe to travel in the destination you have chosen, we will do our best to find another destination with a similar programme. The dates, schedules, programme details and programme fees are given in good faith, based on the information available and applicable at the specific time given and are subject to changes and corrections if the circumstances change.

h.     Programme withdrawal

Globalong reserves the right to withdraw a programme without further notice.

6.     Your obligations

a.     Flexibility          

Being a traveller in a foreign country, all participants must be flexible[3] in order to integrate in a new country and a new culture. You must be flexible when it comes to the organization of the tasks and schedules that you will be given.

b.     Schedule

If you have enrolled to a volunteering programme, please understand that it is impossible to have a regular schedule for most of our programmes. The local teams do not have a schedule, but do their best to organize the tasks and schedules for participants. You will volunteer for between 15 and 45 hours per week and between 5 and 6 days per week depending on the programmes. In some countries, the activities, lessons or projects may be closed during local bank holidays.

c.      State of mind

When volunteering, you might feel the need to change the world. However, you must keep in mind the cultural and historical differences, respect the local population and try not to impose your point of view. In most developing countries, the hierarchy is very important and we kindly ask you to respect your supervisors. You may submit your ideas and point of view but you must respect the local habits and traditions at all times.

d.     Assiduousness

Whether for language stays or volunteering, when enrolling, you commit to assiduousness during the entire length of the programme that you have enrolled for. Non-attendance to the activities, lessons or projects cannot lead to any reimbursement.

e.     Rules and regulations

By accepting the present general terms and conditions, you automatically accept the rules, regulations and code of conduct applicable for your specific destination. Every destination and every establishment (school or volunteer project) has their own rules and regulations, that depend on the costumes and traditions of their country. You must inform yourself about these rules once you arrive in the country.

7.     Liability

a.     Indirect liability

Please note that when you enrol, you accept the fact that Globalong cannot be held responsible for any actions or omissions made by a third party involved with the programme and that we do not control directly. You accept the fact that you leave at your own risk [4]. After enrolling, you will receive a pre-departure guide and/or specific documents in order to prepare yourself for your programme. Even though we do our best to guarantee a flawless service, you must expect to be received under local conditions. Globalong cannot be held responsible for any loss, damages or expenses due to war, riots, strikes, terrorist activities, natural disasters, bankruptcy or any other happening depending on a third party. Globalong cannot be held responsible for any injury, damages, loss, accident, delay or any other irregularity that could be caused by the failure of a vehicle or any other equipment; nor for the negligence or failure of any company, firm or person that is supposed to execute or carry out a service in involved.

b.     Organized activities and outings

All activities and outings are organized by a third party. Please note that Globalong is not an agent, nor a representative for these third parties and no responsibility in their name can be granted to Globalong. 

c.      Visas

Globalong will help you and send you all necessary information to obtain a visa. However, the local authorities may change the rules without any notice. It is your responsibility to check that the information is still applicable before your departure by contacting the embassy or consul of the country you plan to visit. We also recommend that you follow the advice given by the ministry of foreign affairs of your home country. A visa is a contract between a state and an individual, and we have no authority on this subject.

We will send you the information that you need to apply for the visa that suits your programme. You will not get an official working visa, and if you decide to get involved in any paid activities, we cannot be held responsible for any judicial proceedings that the state in questions lead have again you.

d.     Local laws

All our programmes, accommodations and outings depend on the local laws of the country in which they take place.

8.     Complaints and litigation

a.    In case of a general problem

All our team members are available to help and assist you; they are all experienced travellers that will guide you in case of problems.

  1. Before you leave: If you have a problem while organizing your departure, please inform us immediately by mail (info@globalong.com) and we will do our best to assist you as soon as possible.
  2. During your stay: If you have a problem during your stay, please contact your local coordinator or their team members immediately. However, please keep in mind that you must be independent and able to take the initiative to solve problems. If you are unable to find a solution to your problem by yourself or with the local coordinator, please contact our office at all times (info@globalong.com). We will do our best to help you as soon as possible. Every remark and every situation is treated independently.

If Globalong admits that there are irreconcilable difference between you and your host family, and if we find that it is appropriate to change your accommodation, you might have to stay a few days in a guesthouse or similar for a few days while we organize your new host family stay.

  1. After you return home: Complaints that are made after you return home will not be considered unless it is proven that Globalong has had the opportunity to assume their role as an intermediary and has been informed about a potential failure.

b.    In case of disciplinary problem  

We will always do our best to resolve any kind of problem, conflict or other before it takes a bad turn. Often problems are due to cultural and linguistic differences that lead to a lack of communication. The local teams are used to deal with such difficulties and are there to help you. We try our best to be available and help and assist you in case of problems. However, you are able to make complaints and we are able to take disciplinary measures in certain cases. We reserve the right to act consequently in case of any behaviour that might harm or affect the hosts, students, teachers, supervisors, or fellow workers. This type of behaviour includes fighting, drunkenness, use of drugs, non-justified absences or departures from projects, lessons etc. 

All disciplinary problem will be reported in writing, by mail at first, then at your placement (school or voluntary work project), and if you cannot be reached, at your home address. If the problem persists after 5 working days (or less in case of an emergency), another letter stating that if the problem is not resolved within another 5 working days (or less in case of an emergency), we will be obliged to put an immediate end to your programme. 

c.      Court of competent jurisdiction

All litigation between an individual, a physical or moral person or company and Globalong will be treated at the court of competent jurisdiction of Montpellier, France.

9.     Individual rights and protection

Concerning all content protected by the rights of intellectual property, such as photographs, pictures or videos, you specifically give us the following rights, according to our general terms and conditions: you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, under-licensable, without royalties and without license-fee for the use of all intellectual property content that you transmit by mail, e-mail, letter or any other means of sharing (digital or not) or that you share with one of our partners or coordinators (intellectual property license). You can end this intellectual property license by applying by mail (info@globalong.com). 

The present website was created in France. When using this website, you accept the present terms and conditions, without prejudice to any contractual or tort exercisable by Globalong. Any dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of a contractual commitment to the present site will be the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts applying French law.

Intellectual property rights. All elements on this website are protected by copyright © GlobAlong all rights reserved. All elements of intellectual property, brands, logos, marks, and commercial names are the property of Globalong, unless the contrary is stated. Reproduction of this website is strictly prohibited.

[1] From January 1 to December 31 Du

[2] From Monday to Sunday

[3] Evidently respecting everyone’s private life. Flexibility relates to respect and tolerance, and should not, in any way harm your or a third party’s moral or physical integrity.

[4] Travel insurance is mandatory. Please make sure to sign a travel insurance that you’re your needs.