Quality Policy

Respecting our participants is very important to us, and we wish to provide the best possible service before, during and after their program.

We commit to:

  1. Before you leave:

The venture starts with us. We remain available to answer all your questions and to guide you the best possible way in order to find the destination and the program that suits you best. You can contact us by mail or ask for a rendezvous on Skype or telephone. It is important to communicate as often as necessary before your departure in order to organize a personalized program. We are here to guide you and help you whenever you need us.

Our volunteer programs are set up by experts, who have first experienced being volunteers and who are experienced travellers. They know all about your concerns and can guide you to overcome them. They regularly visit each destination to check on the living conditions and talk to the local teams.

Our language programmes are set up by professional teachers of foreign languages. The quality of the courses is supervised and success remains our main priority.

Our host families are carefully selected and all agree to respect our code of conduct.

All the Globalong team members are trained professionals in our area and they all strive to continue to improve our services. Our partners are carefully selected and regularly controlled in order to offer you a safe journey.

  1. During the programme:

All our destination countries are safe. We strive to keep ourselves updated with local and international news and work closely with the local teams. We respect the recommendation of the French ministry of foreign affairs and the WHO.

If you have any kind of problem during your programme and you are unable to solve directly with the local team, or if you just feel a little homesick and need to talk, our team is here for you. Send us an email or ask for a rendezvous on Skype.

  1. After you return home:

You are not alone, you can always stay in touch with us, even after you return home. We will contact you to discuss the end of your programme and make sure everything went well. Returning to “Real Life” may be difficult, especially after volunteering in a developing country. We are here if you need to talk or share your experience.